About Us


Hello there,

If you’re on this page, it means that you’re ready to discover the beautiful, colorful country of Morocco, and its secrets and mysteries.

But first, introductions are in order!

We are Discover Morocco Sahara, a travel agency based in Marrakech and that operates all over Morocco, whose purpose is satisfying its clients. They say “the client is king” and we believe no truer words have been said, which is why we’ll not only treat you like royalty, but also like family; and if you’ve done some research, you’ll know how much we value family in our beautiful country.

We offer many kinds of trips and tours, and we’re certain you’ll find your happiness on our website. And if not, you can always contact us, we’re sure we’ll find something that suits you!

This company was first and foremost created out of our love for our country: we want people who come here to discover its magnificence, and have a mesmerizing experience that will leave them in awe, and most importantly, in love with Morocco.

But this wasn’t the only reason! The truth is, we’re fascinated by what’s different, and we always want to meet people from other cultures, and creating this company was the perfect way to join both pleasure and business!

And, it paid off! We met many great people, from all over the world, who now consider us their friends (and not just because we bribed them with sweet mint tea). We believe our adventure has just started, and we still have many people to meet, friendships to create, and cups of tea to drink!

So friend, you’re welcome to join us on our journey, and may this make you fall in love with the stunning country they call Morocco!


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ARON WISHLEY Founder & Director

NIMA SEDAN Chief Executive Officer

JOHN FALMI Head Manager